Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making CVC and Sight Word Centers

I don't know about you, by my little ones are ALWAYS needing a new center to keep their engagement high. The more we can play with, the better! I have been using these two centers with some good luck lately and one comes with a FREEBIE!

First up is fishing for sight words!

I picked up this chip/dip bowl at Jewel for $1 (whattt??) and the fishing poles/fish in the Target dollar spot for $3 a set. So for $13 I have a brand new center. And man oh man do the kiddos love it. The video above makes it pretty easy to understand the directions, so I project this Filpagram on the Smart Board when I am introducing the center. Having the visual makes it easy to understand so I let it play through centers. My littles complete this (FREE) response sheet and we are good to go! 

Next up are CVC Boxes.  I also found these in the Target dollar spot for $1 each.  I bought 5, put magnetic letters in each section of the box and use it with my small group for RtI. The other little ones wanted to have a go at them, so it became a regular in the center rotation.

Again, I play this Flipagram for introduction and they are ready to rock! What fun things have you been doing for literacy centers? I would love to get some new ideas!

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