Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge WEEK 2

Hi there! 

The second installment of the TPT Seller Challenge is Dare to Dream.  Creating and selling on TPT is not an easy task, especially if you are a full time teacher, mom, or support service staff. So why did and do I continue to grow my business? For these 3 reasons:

I don't care about making millions or being wealthy, but I would love to be financially comfortable. As in, not worrying about bills or feeling guilty whenever I spend $$ on myself. I hope that if I continue to grow into TPT by creating meaningful resources, that I will be able to supplement my teaching income enough to earn financial comfort. 

I have a number of career goals, one of which is to always grow professionally. TPT challenges me to be a better educator, seek out learning opportunities for myself, and plan for my future as a teacher.  I don't know where my career will take me, but I want to give myself a number of opportunities and choices. Education is always evolving!

Teachers and support staff who create on TPT have a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas for classrooms today and in the future. I hope to work with some of these ladies and gents' on curriculum development and resources that will positivity impact our dynamic children.  I hope that TPT will continue to be a collaborative place where teachers can take back the reigns of education with great resources and students needs in the forefront of our teaching!

I have no idea where TPT will take me, as I could not predict the place I am in now a year ago. I hope that it's all good though! :o)

What are your big dreams? Do we share any? 

TPT Seller Challenge WEEK 1

I could spend HOURS looking at Pinterest and TPT because of all the cute product covers.  I am dying to know what is included in the product pack because the covers are well designed, bright, and inviting. 

Looking at my own products, I know some of the covers don't check those boxes so with the help of the TPT Seller Challenge, I got some motivation to do a number of cover and product overhauls this summer. My first overhaul was my Apples Literacy and Math Centers 

 I changed a number of activities and made the response sheets more user friendly.  There are many more "print and go" options so you won't be using a ton of colored ink. I also added more CCSS aligned activities so that teachers who use this pack will be looping in writing, math, science, alphabet, and social standards as their students are adjusting to kindergarten or 1st grade. 

I didn't use this in my own classroom last year because I felt it wasn't as up to date as I needed it to be. But now, it is all ready to go for next year and I will definitely be using these activities in the fall.

Apple taste testing to hook the unit, 4 senses writing to respond, labeling & coloring for fine motor, whole class lessons for positive participation, graphing, letter recognition and more! I am really excited to see my kids interacting in this unit! :o) 

Monday, June 15, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge

Ahh summertime...when there are no due dates and motivation is draaagiinnnggg.

I am REALLY trying to bulk up my store with all the product ideas I have been storing away all year and I just can't get the motivation.  If it weren't for the TPT Seller Challenge, I wouldn't get anything done all summer I am sure. This week, I am starting a 4 week challenge with Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, Sparkling in Second, and Peppy Zesty Teacherista. Each week we have a challenge to complete and will be posting it. Since I am a little late to the party this week, I will post my product makeover tomorrow. Here is my stat sheet for starters.

I am excited to see what comes of this challenge and meet some new bloggy friends! :o)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tips For and From Kinder Teachers

As I was meandering around this evening, I stumbled on this sweet kinder linky. I love all the tips and suggestions from the other teachers, that I just had to get in on it.  Andrea from Always Kindergarten got me thinking with her tip to "Let them play!" This is such a lot part of kindergarten, but as Andrea mentions, so unbelievably important. 

Andrea's comments sparked the memory of Billy Dean's Let Them Be Little - which I think encompasses what we need to keep in mind as kinder teachers. 

Our kids are only 5 & 6. They need to play, explore, inquire. They need to be taught how to work with others and shown compassion. Whatever situations our kiddos come from, always remember, they are only 5 and 6 years old!

Our kiddos are naturally inquisitive and learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. Throw the plans to the wayside once and awhile and let your learners lead the way. The most valuable lessons are the ones they own. 

It's draining, but make sure your ears are always actively listening. Although I am sick of my own name after a week of school, sometimes the most valuable information and teachable moments come from side conversations and comments you weren't meant to hear. You also catch some pretty hilarious conversations. 

Like I said before, throw the plans to the wayside if they aren't working, enjoy the small moments with your little ones. Lessons will fail, kids won't be excited abut what you are, and someone will always vomit or pee themselves when its least convenient. It happens. Not the end of the world. If you react like it is the end of the will be a long, looonnnng year!

Thanks to Mary from Sharing Kindergarten for organizing this linky - there are a TON of reminders and tips for all of us kinder teachers!