Sunday, August 2, 2015

APPmazing Free Literacy Apps (for iPad)

Any teacher in a 1:1 iPad classroom will tell you it can be a nightmare to get every app on every kiddos iPad. Sometimes the syncing factor works (we buy apps in bulk), sometimes it doesn't. And it usually doesn't for free apps, which is why I've included a little FREEBIE for you in this week's APPmazing edition.

First let's talk literacy apps.

Teaching literacy in K changes daily, as do the needs of our kiddos. One day an "A" is a "Q" and the next were reading, chopping, stretching, etc. Not only do their need change, but we have the "I'm boooreeddd" factor to deal with so we have to flip those apps through a rotation like a ferris wheel.

I've compiled some of our classroom's most used apps. They are kid tested and approved. The kids go back to these over and over again and many address multiple skills.

So first the highlights and then the FREEBIE!



Print this page for a bulletin board or center so that kids can scan the code and access the app easily. I do this to help my kids when downloading the apps. They scan the code, the app store link comes up and we are set. It's a wonderful thing. 

If you're all ready to get started with FREE math and literacy apps, check out my APP Ready Pack HERE with QR codes for 80 apps plus some extras!



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