Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dental Health

It's dental health week! We started with our Heggerty writing - brainstorming hat we have to do to keep  our teeth clean.  Then we did our writing and an super exciting science experiment! 

What. is. that?
 It's an egg! A hardboiled egg that was soaked in Coke overnight. YUCK! So we needed to clean up those eggs by brushing them with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

And so we brushed...

And brushed....

Until our eggs were white again! Then we showed them off! One of my little ones went home and told her mom there was a chick inside the egg and she had to sleep with it to keep it cute! :o)

Parents- don't forget the toothbrush checklists are due Tuesday!

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Kinder preformance

Last week's Kindergarten preformance!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

President Centers II

Have I mentioned that the K teachers (there are 5 of us) at my school ROCK?! We all work so well together and I couldn't ask for better teammates. That said- we share everything.

Mrs. Jakusz down the hall made these cute President's Day number match cards where the kids have to match the number, number word, and pictorial representation of the number.  She included a little cheat sheet to help the kids self-check.  

The kids have to organize the cards and make sense out of the numbers - and it goes up to 20! Whahoo!

Did I mention I love my K team?

Parents- If you want a copy for home, please let me know!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Centers

Ok, so we may have started our President's Day centers last week because we had Lincoln's birthday off instead of President's Day-- but we finished them today and the kids rocked them out!

Last week, we worked on the venn diagram comparison between Lincoln and Washington (pictures on that tomorrow). This was the second time we made a venn diagram and it was a little rough, but we did it!

We started by brainstorming (tangent: I have to be better about taking action shots of our work in process - apologies!) facts about Lincoln and Washington - I was pleasantly surprised by relevant ideas we brainstormed!

Then we transferred our ideas in to similarities and differences in the venn diagram.  The kids then worked on their own venn, either writing their own ideas, using the ones we brainstormed, or wrote their own sentences. we are working on roll and stamp - President styleeee

 and again...

 ...and here's a nice lil sharing shot for good measure!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ok yes, I know it may be Sunday, but I am still going to post my first Five for Friday... so we can link up with some other great blogs!

Just click on the link above to see some great teachers and their wonderful classrooms!

And here are my five random things for Friday (or Sunday, whatever :o)).

So I bought these bubbles at Target because my students LOVE bubbles.  And...I didn't decide what to do with them until Thursday (yes Valentine's day) morning.  So I threw this together before school and voila! Homemade Valentine's for everyone!

I also opened my TpT store this week with some Valentine's centers including this conversation heart graphing sorting sheet and graph. I hope I can create more and more CCSS aligned centers and such for my kiddos with the goal of putting it on TpT!

 Rewind to Monday, when we worked on our Lincoln Log Cabin's after discussing Abraham Lincoln We have Abe's birthday off of school instead of President's Day so I started my President unit early.

And... last is my sweet little pup (or cat- ha!) sleeping on the couch (yes, on top of the couch pillow) waiting for something exciting to happen outside the window. 

Ok, so I guess that's four for Friday - hmm.. I'll do better next time! :o)

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day was a blast! We started the day with our normal work load - calendar, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, and sight word practice - but after lunch we passed out Valentine's, had a Valentine desert and enjoyed sharing the time with our friends! 

Here we are doing of Conversation Heart Graphing (which you can also find on my TpT page.)

Shout out to my AWESOME parents who made such cute Valentines mailboxes with their child! Everyone had a box and they loved comparing their boxes with their friends! Yay! Only next year....I need to make myself a box... Loved getting all those sweet notes from my kiddos! :o)

And here's more more picture for good measure....

Parents - if you want copies of pictures this year (where you can see your child's lovely face, please e-mail me and I can send them to you!)

Happy Heart Day! :o)

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donors Choose

New literacy center project posted on Donors Choose!  Donate this week, enter the code HEART at checkout and your gift will be matched! Whoo! :o)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

TPT and President's Day

Uh oh. I did it. I crossed into the dangerous, possibly addicting world of creating materials and selling them on TPT. Here's my first mini-pack for sale.

 It is a President's Day Literacy pack and it is FREE right now.  Parents and teachers alike can download and use at home, school, tutoring, etc. I know this is small fish kind of stuff, but I feel like if I am making things that should be acceptable to sell, then I will end up making better resources for my classroom as well.  Hopefully as the years go on, my materials will be more and more differentiated, expansive, and FUN!

I would love to hear if anyone has suggestions for the pack or how I can improve my materials! Thanks, thanks! :o)

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy 100th Day!

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Happy Thursday! Today, I thought I would post a sight word video from the YouTube channel "Have Fun Teaching." We watch These videos THroughou THe week as we learn our sigth words.  I chose "THe" because we are learning THe "TH" sound and its THursday!

THursday - THe - TH

....all THis freezing rain must be making me loopy....

Well, here ya go!

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