Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oriental Trading Summer Stock Up

When Jill from Chevron and Centers let me know that Oriental Trading was looking to support some teachers this summer, she didn't have to ask twice to get me on board!

There are SO many things from Oriental Trading to use in your classroom. I was actually really surprised, in a good way, that they had so much! OT has definitely focused on education lately it looks like.

After narrowing by $400 cart down to under $100, here's what I had to grab for the new year:

Letter Bean Bags

I have been wanting these for YEARS but I am frugal and can never spend over like $10 on one thing for my room. But I am so glad that I FINALLY got my hands on these! There are a million ways to use these fun, kinesthetic toys to teach letters.

I pulled out my chalkboard table cloth and some chalk and made a toss game.  Students grab a bean bag and have to toss it right right so that it lands on the corresponding letter.

Money Math

This is a fun center game to help students develop number sense.  Numbers to 20 are included, with the numeral represented by the number word, number, dice, and tallys. Students link together the matching monkeys to prove their number sense!

And isn't this link nice?

It's a little different, and I think easier for my little ones!

Transportation Manipulatives and Going Buggy Tongs

Counters are a Kindergartner's best friend and I usually pick them up in the dollar spot.  I am always scouting for counters to engage my boys and these are PERFECT!  I am sure the intent of the tongs is not to pick up manipulatives, but I use it as an option for my students when they are working in math. You could also use them for a dice shaker!

Dry Erase Crayons
Who doesn't love a class set of crayons? Better yet - dry erase crayons! I haven't debuted them yet but I know my Kinders will LOVE these crayons as an alternative to our black Expos.

What have you used from Oriental Trading in your classroom? Have any ideas for me to use these materials differently?

Oriental Trading provided me with the aforementioned materials in exchange for sharing how I use their materials. Looking for a deal at Oriental Trading? Visit their coupon page for the latest in sales!

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