Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Goldie Blox Coding for Girls

Coding and 1:1 technology in the classroom go hand in hand. There is even an event for coding called the Hour of Code. Last year, was the first year I got my Kinders into coding with both the Scratch Jr. and Lightbot apps. We even documented our coding on a FREE Hour of Code log.

The boys LOVED Lightbot and Scratch, but my girls weren't so into it.  Everyone loved Puzzlets (read more here), but I just couldn't get my girls to actively CHOOSE a coding game on the iPad.


Then I found Goldie Blox...

First I thought it was just an app, but they have a whole slew of toys inspiring girl engineers. 

The app is called the Rocket Cupcake and it is TOTALLY girly.

Kids start out with simple coding. They drag and drop arrows to get the avatar to move. Each level increases with difficulty, adding a step of code each time.

There is also the Sandbox area where kids can explore and solve more advanced coding puzzles.

As much as I would love to buy a set of toys for the classroom, we'll only be able to use the app. I CANNOT wait so show my old Kinders and introduce it to the new class when they are ready. 

If you haven't tried coding with kids before you should.  Many of the coding toys and apps teach sequential steps - "If I put a left facing arrow, my avatar will move left."

I usually play the coding game with a whole group and project it onto the SMART Board. They get to tell me what to do and we see if it works - trial and error.

A few years ago NONE of this stuff was available to the classroom, much less appropriate for five and six year olds. Now, however, you can access coding with one app and really dive deep into some higher level processing!

What coding toys and apps do you use in your class? What am I missing out on?!

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