Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Alphabet!

As all good teachers do, I started this summer with a LONG list of things I wanted to improve for next year. Don't ask how much I accomplished....because its less than you I am sure. BUT I did get to this!

My classroom alphabet just was not working. The kids weren't using it, I thought it was ugly...etc. So I decided to change it around a little and created this.  I couldn't decide which form I liked best and I know that you love options, so I made a few different options - 6 to be exact - available. 


There is a full set of half page alphabet card/posters for each style as well as letter-picture matching cards.  Use one or both in your room for reinforcement, center activities, etc.

I also did a line and unlined version for those of you that have a preference. Anyone want to weigh in on which is better? I have no clue :op


 Each set also has matching word wall cards so if you are a matching freak like me, your word wall and classroom alphabet will match. Because if it didn't lord knows what we would do. 


 If white and black are too boring, go ahead and print yourself one of the colored options.  "Cool" colors or "warm" colors options await you!

Last little goodie in this mega pack is a handy mini anchor chart for each of your students.  I love to shrink these way down and place them in CD pocket holders attached to my kids tables.  It gives them a quick reference and hey- it matches the rest of the room too.

Maybe include it on the back of your newsletters, in a take home folder, or in the kiddos writing journals.
So if I accomplished nothing else this summer, at least my alphabet is matching now, right? Just gotta get this baby laminated and hung in the room....and that's for another day.

How are you using your class alphabet in your room? Are you a coordinating / matching freak like me?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

APPmazing Free Math Apps (for iPad)

What's better than free stuff for your classroom? Nothing. and when it comes to apps for your kiddos iPads, new apps can get pricey. Up to $30 bucks a pop for one set of classroom apps. And lets be honest, one app doesn't get you too far into the school year.

Over the past few years, I have played around with a number of free apps and compiles a HUMONGOUS list of the best ones. These are apps which don't have a ton of in-app purchases, that are easy to use, and have been tested out by the kiddos in my classroom.

I am going to chat a bit about each one of these math apps in case there is something specific you are looking for, but I would suggest just trying them out for yourself - for FREE! Also, in the coming weeks, I will write about my suggested free literacy apps, apps you SHOULD pay for, and some app extras that I am absolutely in love with.

The above apps are my kiddos absolute favorite math apps. They lasted throughout the year and the kids always went back to them.  There are paid versions of these too, but the free versions work just fine.

Front Row is a CCSS aligned app that allows for skills practice for students based on their academic needs. Students take a pre-test and the app adjusts to the level at which they are working.  I especially love Front Row because it allows you to differentiate skills effortlessly.

Skoolbo is actually a literacy and math app that spirals skills through the playing time. It is more a game platform so it ropes kids into practicing skills as they continue though the game. You can challenge kinds in your class or kids throughout the world. It makes me a little motion sick, but the kids absolutely LOVE it!

The above QR links take you right to the app store to download the apps. You can get the complete listing and cut out cards for students to scan FREE in my TPT store

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these apps, nor do I claim any rights to them. They are all free apps on the app store. Please support the creators of these fabulous education apps!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bloggiversary Celebration Time!

If you don't know Lindsey, you should definitely head over to her blog Thriving in 3rd. Lindsey is an incredibly talented teacher/blog designer/artist.  When I was looking for a blog design on a budget, I fell in love with Ms. Spethmann's (Lacquer Teach Repeat) blog design by Lindsey. 

Lindsey used her expertise, style and knack for perfection to create the perfect blog design for me at a completely reasonable price.

Love her. Seriously.

So of course when it was celebration time for the newly wed Mrs. Lindsey Paull, I HAD to participate! 

If you head over to Lindsey's blog, you can enter a raffle to win a pack of PreK-1 resources, where you will find my Sight Word Scramble! Or, If you aren't PreK-1, there are a ton of other raffles going on!



And last but definitely not least, what teacher doesn't love this?! 

Well friends, may the odds be ever in your favor - hope you win some good loot!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kinder Tribe Blog Kickoff!

It's finally time to announce my newest collaborative project!

What whhaaattt! Fifteen kindergarten blogger friends and I are working together to bring you ideas for your classroom, test out your ideas & activities, and discuss all things Kinder!

The lovely Yukari from A Pinch of Kinder set out designing the blog for us and everyone else has pitched in to create, collaborate, and inspire each other on our journey teaching Kinder and navigating TPT.

Each of our authors has a unique teaching & creative style. We will be bringing a different flavor to the blog with each of our individual posts. Here's a bit about me to get started:

Posts will range from our Original Blog Posts, to What Worked Well Wednesday, and Feature Friday - where YOU will have an opportunity to post, share, and intrigue others!

Check back often for new news, giveaways, and other ventures. Oh and don't forget to get to know he other authors and visit their pages!

Eeeee :o) Hope you are as excited as I am! Let's kick it off with our first linky party below!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 4

And so the 4 week TPT Seller Challenge comes to a close with the last theme...

... the collaboration this last week with everyone being in Vegas has been amazing. Although I was not in Vegas, I can see how energized everyone is to get back to school in the fall. The support from the blogging and TPT community is so excited to be a part of.

What better PD can we do than to collaborate with each other and encourage each other to become better teachers? I love it! Although I am trying to hold on to summer a little longer... let the beginning of the year planning madness begin!

Thanks all for the continued love and support as I wander through this TPT/blogging/teaching journey!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge WEEK 3

Yikes, I am just in the nick of time in finishing this product for Make You Masterpiece!

I have been working on it for the last week, but decided to take some (much needed!) time off over the holiday weekend. Thankfully I have a rock star husband who took me through the Culver's drive to get me some sustenance for the ride home so I could finish this baby. 

I am really excited about this product because it is the first fully editable pack I have made (psst! there is also a surprise inside).

I know a lot of us need to edit products for our own classes, needs, curriculum, etc. So I thought giving you some templates for spinners, QR frames, response sheets, dice games, fortune tellers, and clip cards would be helpful.

Just fill in the form boxes and copy and past in your QRs and you are set to go! It's at a discounted price this week only, I hope it works for you! :o)