Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Alphabet!

As all good teachers do, I started this summer with a LONG list of things I wanted to improve for next year. Don't ask how much I accomplished....because its less than you I am sure. BUT I did get to this!

My classroom alphabet just was not working. The kids weren't using it, I thought it was ugly...etc. So I decided to change it around a little and created this.  I couldn't decide which form I liked best and I know that you love options, so I made a few different options - 6 to be exact - available. 


There is a full set of half page alphabet card/posters for each style as well as letter-picture matching cards.  Use one or both in your room for reinforcement, center activities, etc.

I also did a line and unlined version for those of you that have a preference. Anyone want to weigh in on which is better? I have no clue :op


 Each set also has matching word wall cards so if you are a matching freak like me, your word wall and classroom alphabet will match. Because if it didn't lord knows what we would do. 


 If white and black are too boring, go ahead and print yourself one of the colored options.  "Cool" colors or "warm" colors options await you!

Last little goodie in this mega pack is a handy mini anchor chart for each of your students.  I love to shrink these way down and place them in CD pocket holders attached to my kids tables.  It gives them a quick reference and hey- it matches the rest of the room too.

Maybe include it on the back of your newsletters, in a take home folder, or in the kiddos writing journals.
So if I accomplished nothing else this summer, at least my alphabet is matching now, right? Just gotta get this baby laminated and hung in the room....and that's for another day.

How are you using your class alphabet in your room? Are you a coordinating / matching freak like me?

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