Sunday, December 15, 2013

Polar Express Week

Ah! The holiday season is so short! We already explored various holidays so this week it was all Polar Express! We had Polar Express Math and Literacy Centers all week long (sorry no pictures in action!)

Oh, and Optimus (our Elf on the Shelf), was found riding the Polar Express on Wednesday!

To review our shape unit form October, we took various shapes and each student made a Polar Express train car.  Then we hung them up, connected them, and let the magic take over our room!

On our Polar Express movie day, the kids got tickets and bells from Santa's sleigh and we hopped aboard the Polar Express to watch the movie! Hot cocoa and 3 musketeer candies followed!

As you can tell... It was a fun day!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Center Update!

We are ROCKIN' centers!

This week, we are working on CVCs, sight word recognition, computers, make it - write it, and positional words. 

I was so proud today when a little guy came over with this...

Last week, we used these same cards to write the CVC words with a marker and the week before I introduced them during our morning routine. Now we are taking those skills and expanding to stamping the words. AND HE DID IT!! Whoo! I was so pumped I showed the whole class!

and then this happened....

I know, it says /l/ /i/ /n/. Which in kinder is lion. This little one didn't know her letters in September and now LOOK! Man, I am just so amazed by little brains. 

It's the little things.... :o)

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Monday, December 2, 2013

The fox says...

What Does the Fox Say? our room the fox says word families!!

We used this cute template from Pink Cat Studio to develop rhyming words for common CVC words such as "pig" and "cat." Turns our room the Fox says things like "cat, hat, bat, pat, mat" instead of those crazy sounds that never leave my head!

Hey - you gotta use what the kids are interested in right? So much more fun then just writing with dry erase! The template I linked to above is free so go on and get your own to work with at home!
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