Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Center Update!

We are ROCKIN' centers!

This week, we are working on CVCs, sight word recognition, computers, make it - write it, and positional words. 

I was so proud today when a little guy came over with this...

Last week, we used these same cards to write the CVC words with a marker and the week before I introduced them during our morning routine. Now we are taking those skills and expanding to stamping the words. AND HE DID IT!! Whoo! I was so pumped I showed the whole class!

and then this happened....

I know, it says /l/ /i/ /n/. Which in kinder is lion. This little one didn't know her letters in September and now LOOK! Man, I am just so amazed by little brains. 

It's the little things.... :o)

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