Sunday, January 15, 2017

100th Day Prep

It's just about that time - the 100th Day of School!

I've been pregnant this entire school year, which all you Kindergarten teachers know, can be quite the feat at the beginning of the year AND your pregnancy.  Making it to the 100th day is an accomplishment this year for both me and my Kinders!

I just got back from break and started going through the plans my team has had in the past and started thinking about how I wanted to celebrate this year.  I have always used the coloring crowns from Oriental Trading and plan do to so again.

In years past, my kiddos have absolutly LOVED the 100th Day posters, but this year we're going to try something a little different to go with our 100 years old theme for the day.  Which, by the way is the most hilarious day in Kindergarten.

I also have some fun STEM and measurement activitiy up my sleeve for this year.  I'm planning of using these feet to measure our hallways.  We're going to lay out some butcher paper on the floor and use the feet to measure out a ten foot section.  This will be one section of our big ruler. Then, we will repeat the process until we have 10, ten foot sections.  After we gather up all our sections, out to the halls we will go to tape the big rulers down and measure out 100 feet!  I CANNOT wait to show you what it looks like - the kids are going to be so excited!

My kids are also going to use this set, and add on with some of my own marbles, to make a line of 100 standing dominos. I'll have 10 differently colored mat set out so my kids can count out 100 dominos by placing 10 on each mat.  Then they are going to have a blast lining them up and building a structure to run marbles down and watch the dominos fall. Marbles are a class favorite, but I have never added the domino component, so I am so excited to see how they explore the materials, what they build and the eruption of cheers that come!

What are you planning for the 100th day? Check back to see how it all goes down and what other fun activities we have planned.

Oriental Trading provided me with the aforementioned materials in exchange for sharing how I use their materials. Looking for a deal at Oriental Trading? Visit their coupon page for the latest in sales!