Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday 11/6

How is it Friday again already?! These weeks are FLYING by! Last Friday, we had so much fun dressing up and making our healthy snack (thanks Pinterest).

Is this not the best costume ever?! Edward Scissorhands is spot on!


We only have enough time for one craft, so we painted pumpkins, which were generously donated to us. I did NOT expect one of my little friends to paint it completely orange. Hilarious.

At home, we dressed up as the decades. I'm, not a huge costume person so forgive my sad expressions of the 20s era. Oh. And Murphy was a squirrel.

Halloween also brought us a foster pup! He is seriously teeny tiny for a boxer and is OBSESSED with people! <3 him

I met with our technology team for the 2nd time this week. They already have projects completed for me! We developed a survey to give to the teachers.  We wanted to find out what the teachers needs with tech are so that the team could help teachers develop their tech skills!

Well that was my was yours?!