Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A to Z QRs

Being 1:1 iPads in Kindergarten takes some creativity to make sure your kiddos aren't sitting on apps all the time.  I also need to get creative about learning letters because most of my kiddos come in with little to no letter recognition, phonemic awareness, or alphabetic principal. 


Enter A to Z QRs.  Whenever I am trying to integrate technology, I ALWAYS start with the learning content and target.  I want my kiddos to learn their letters, develop phonemic awareness, and develop fine motor skills...

...and they want to play. 


In order to satisfy all of our interests, we use A to Z QR codes.  On each task card is a QR code that links to an ABC Mouse video of the letter that represents the sound of the picture on the card.  So the above card (sun) links to a video about the letter S.  

All of the videos are in Safe Share so that your kiddos can't just float around YouTube.


I print out all of the QR cards and put them in a center.  I usually just use one of the buckets I have laying around, put the cards in and add some response sheets.


Last week, in the dollar spot I found some clear pocket stickers that fit the QR cards JUST RIGHT!! So now I put the letter of the day on the outside of the bucket for easy scanning.  Kiddos have to scan that card first and then they can scan any others. They always write down or color in a picture of the letter that they scanned.

As far as academics go - this center hits the mark. Added bonus? You can use this activity to teach kids how to use a QR reader, hold their iPads appropriately, and use technology as a tool!


Here's what you'll need for your own A to Z QRs:
-A to Z QRs
-Center bucket
-Adhesive square label pockets (Target Dollar Spot)
-Recording sheets (there are some in the A to Z QRs, these are extras)

So, what about you? How do you integrate technology and combine it with content?

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