Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gel Beads

Have you tried boba? Or bubble tea? I have not, but I've seen it...and the boba look and feel exactly like these gel beads which are SO. MUCH. FUN!

I was a little skeptical when I found these gel beads at the dollar store, but being one $1 I gave them a try. Now I can't stop finding new uses for them. And I hope you don't live by me because I bought out the stock of them at my Dollar Tree.  

I talked a little about how I use them in sensory centers but I had to go into more depth!

All you need to do is empty the packet of gel beads into a bowl of water and let it sit a few hours. Empty out the excess water and you're ready to play. One packet makes about 4-5 cups of gel beads. I have had mine about a week and they haven't dried out yet!

And then I just went to town putting them in centers for my kids. 

Throw the gel beads in a plastic container with some magnetic letters and let your kiddos go to town.  Mine use a response sheet to color the corresponding letter after they find a letter.

If you have any laminated task cards you can throw those in too! Just make sure that The gel beads are soaking or the cards will get soaked.  I put in some alphabet QR codes. The kids just find the card on the bottom of the bowl, pull it out and scan the QR. Then a video of corresponding letter to the picture on the card comes up. More on A to Z QRs here. 

In my Dollar Tree shopping spree, I picked up some glass stones and write sight words on them. Putting the stones in the bowl of gel beads if a fun little sensory activity.

Again, I have my kids record their sight words as they find them. Here's the recording sheet I use.

I haven't tried this one yet, but I think the gel beads would be awesome for a measuring center. Or to explore the movement of water.  Measuring spoons can be used to scoop and move water and explore capacity.

Measuring spoons are also a good fine motor challenge in trying to get gel beads from place to place. Here is another way to explore capacity.

I am really excited to try this non-standard measuring center with my kiddos early in the year.  It really covers a lot (fine motor, measurement, sensory, fun) and helps develop prior knowledge for when we dive deep into measurement!

So I HAVE to know, what am I missing? What else could we use these gel beads for?!

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