Sunday, July 26, 2015

APPmazing Free Math Apps (for iPad)

What's better than free stuff for your classroom? Nothing. and when it comes to apps for your kiddos iPads, new apps can get pricey. Up to $30 bucks a pop for one set of classroom apps. And lets be honest, one app doesn't get you too far into the school year.

Over the past few years, I have played around with a number of free apps and compiles a HUMONGOUS list of the best ones. These are apps which don't have a ton of in-app purchases, that are easy to use, and have been tested out by the kiddos in my classroom.

I am going to chat a bit about each one of these math apps in case there is something specific you are looking for, but I would suggest just trying them out for yourself - for FREE! Also, in the coming weeks, I will write about my suggested free literacy apps, apps you SHOULD pay for, and some app extras that I am absolutely in love with.

The above apps are my kiddos absolute favorite math apps. They lasted throughout the year and the kids always went back to them.  There are paid versions of these too, but the free versions work just fine.

Front Row is a CCSS aligned app that allows for skills practice for students based on their academic needs. Students take a pre-test and the app adjusts to the level at which they are working.  I especially love Front Row because it allows you to differentiate skills effortlessly.

Skoolbo is actually a literacy and math app that spirals skills through the playing time. It is more a game platform so it ropes kids into practicing skills as they continue though the game. You can challenge kinds in your class or kids throughout the world. It makes me a little motion sick, but the kids absolutely LOVE it!

The above QR links take you right to the app store to download the apps. You can get the complete listing and cut out cards for students to scan FREE in my TPT store

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these apps, nor do I claim any rights to them. They are all free apps on the app store. Please support the creators of these fabulous education apps!


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  3. These look fabulous! I am definitely going to check them out to see if we can access these apps here in the UK thanks for sharing your freebie app finds!

    Teaching Autism

    1. Awesome Teaching Autism! I just posted a helpful product for you here:


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