Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Centers

Ok, so we may have started our President's Day centers last week because we had Lincoln's birthday off instead of President's Day-- but we finished them today and the kids rocked them out!

Last week, we worked on the venn diagram comparison between Lincoln and Washington (pictures on that tomorrow). This was the second time we made a venn diagram and it was a little rough, but we did it!

We started by brainstorming (tangent: I have to be better about taking action shots of our work in process - apologies!) facts about Lincoln and Washington - I was pleasantly surprised by relevant ideas we brainstormed!

Then we transferred our ideas in to similarities and differences in the venn diagram.  The kids then worked on their own venn, either writing their own ideas, using the ones we brainstormed, or wrote their own sentences. we are working on roll and stamp - President styleeee

 and again...

 ...and here's a nice lil sharing shot for good measure!

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