Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Tool Book Student Resource Folder

Hi there!

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the take home folder?

The daily drama of:
-My mom said...
-Here's a note from my pocket
-Where's the field trip form?
-I don't have it
-I don't have numbers/an alphabet at home
-No one helps me

It's too much! I am asking my kiddos to take this thing home every night for their parents and they have no reason to OWN it. It's not theirs. Which I needed to change.

The folder may be going to your parents my lovlies, but I need YOU to know whats inside, why it's important and why your parents need it too. Enter My Tool Book...

....It's a tool box folder style! There are plenty of resources for parents AND kids. I want my kiddos to use their folder daily for homework help. It is going to be their best friend throughout the year.

After they get the hang of taking it home, I will add project pages and special directions for using the resource pages - i.e. cover half the letters and play memory with an adult.

We're implementing Standards Based Grading this year and part of that movement is helping kids OWN what they are doing in school and understand the purpose of what we are learning. This system mirrors these views - help kids OWN it. The more ownership, the more dedication we have, and the more learning we are enabled to do!

Plus, having everything all in one place streamlines and simplifies things - work smarter not harder folks.

Do you use something like this is your classroom? How has it worked for you?

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