Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tips For and From Kinder Teachers

As I was meandering around this evening, I stumbled on this sweet kinder linky. I love all the tips and suggestions from the other teachers, that I just had to get in on it.  Andrea from Always Kindergarten got me thinking with her tip to "Let them play!" This is such a lot part of kindergarten, but as Andrea mentions, so unbelievably important. 

Andrea's comments sparked the memory of Billy Dean's Let Them Be Little - which I think encompasses what we need to keep in mind as kinder teachers. 

Our kids are only 5 & 6. They need to play, explore, inquire. They need to be taught how to work with others and shown compassion. Whatever situations our kiddos come from, always remember, they are only 5 and 6 years old!

Our kiddos are naturally inquisitive and learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. Throw the plans to the wayside once and awhile and let your learners lead the way. The most valuable lessons are the ones they own. 

It's draining, but make sure your ears are always actively listening. Although I am sick of my own name after a week of school, sometimes the most valuable information and teachable moments come from side conversations and comments you weren't meant to hear. You also catch some pretty hilarious conversations. 

Like I said before, throw the plans to the wayside if they aren't working, enjoy the small moments with your little ones. Lessons will fail, kids won't be excited abut what you are, and someone will always vomit or pee themselves when its least convenient. It happens. Not the end of the world. If you react like it is the end of the will be a long, looonnnng year!

Thanks to Mary from Sharing Kindergarten for organizing this linky - there are a TON of reminders and tips for all of us kinder teachers! 


  1. I loved reading about your teacher tips! You gave some really great advice and reminders for us veteran teachers! I love your advice to LISTEN!! You are so right that the best conversations you hear are most often the ones you weren't supposed to!! At 5&6 they tell all with no filters and pure honestly! Your advice about not sweating the small stuff hit home too! SO MUCH can happen moment by moment in a kindergarten classroom, crying over spilled milk means it's going to be a long, long year! Thanks so much for sharing such great advice!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out, Kirstin! I absolutely agree 100% with the tips you shared. As teachers we are natural planners and sometimes it's hard to let go of what we were planning to do in order to follow the interests of our students. And yet, sometimes the best and most memorable lessons come from the times we let our students guide US! Thanks for sharing!
    Always Kindergarten

  3. Your tips are great Kirstin and so true. It is so important to let them be little, sometimes it is easy to forget just how little they are because we ask them to do so much! You definitely will get sick of hearing your name, but those conversations are so important. One time I am not going to lie I might have said, "She left the building!", haha. Have a great day! :)

  4. Hi Kirsten! I love your blog and your tips. I agree - let them be little! There have been so many articles lately about kindergarten and how they need to play and not be tested so much. I hope things change so we can provide more play in the classroom that is supported by districts and the state.
    Kindergarten Planet

  5. Kirstin,
    These are some great tips. I am fortunate to work in a country that still believes the students are little and we should let them be kids. Maybe a bit too much sometimes but it just teaches me to really practice your 4th tip - don't sweat the small stuff. This is one that has always been hard for me but teaching in kindergarten is really helping me get the hang of it! Thanks for the reminder. :)
    Teaching Doodles


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