Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Day Five for Friday! 5/29

Holy smokes! Today was a riot!

It was Olympic Fun Day, and y'all know what that means - coffee AND a diet coke. free play. movie. pure exhaustion. sunburn.

It's one of my favorite days of the year and one of the most exhausting. It means the school year is almost over and your babies have all grown up. And as I sit here going through the pictures from today, it's one of the most emotional days. Just scroll and see what I mean....

Oh - and the last picture is a link to my latest FREEBIE!! Whoot whoot!

 It down poured on us with 30 minutes left of games and the kids couldn't have been more content. We danced in the rain and it was pure joy. Plus I love the blue wall background. Love this.

More smiles! This is before the rain. Their zest for life makes me fall in love with being a teacher again and again. 


Here we are soaked after the rain (ok I promise this is the last picture of my class). We called it quits during a break in the clouds and headed back to dry clothes and a movie. My co-teacher and I CRACKED up watching 3 Pigs and a Baby With Them. 

 So poor grades 3-5 had to have the afternoon Olympic Fun Day inside but when the rain broke in the afternoon our (AWESOME) secretary's firefighter husband brought over the truck and soaked the kids anyway! Notice how far away I am standing? Hah! They had a blast! I love how organic and simple it is for kids to enjoy the little things.  


FREEBIE time! No, sorry, not sending you bubbles and glow sticks. But, you can grab that bag tag for FREE in my TPT store. I like sending all misc. trinkets and a treat in a little gift bag over the summer so I threw these tags on there to brighten up the bags a bit. 

Don't worry, yours do not say <3 Mrs. McGinnis & Mrs. Alper 

How was your Friday? Still have kids? Do you send anything home? I would love your links!


  1. What fun!! Your pics show your little kiddos having a great time!! Love the freebie! Hope you enjoy your summer!! Linda's Learning Loot :)

  2. Thanks Linda! Enjoy your summer as well!


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