Thursday, May 14, 2015

Five for Friday 5/15

WHA! I think its been almost two weeks since I did this! I swear, in May I do not know where the time goes. We've been planting flowers, watching the caterpillar life cycle unfold, F&P know. All that fun end of year stuff.

Also this has been on my mind for weeks and it finally got posted!


This week, I was featured on Education to the Core with my post "Making Technology Meaningful in Primary."  If you use tech/iPads in your classroom I would LOVE to know your thoughts on how I am integrating tech and if the suggestions I have make sense/work for you.  I am always looking for more iPad classroom teachers to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with.

How cute is this? We planted flowers for Mother's Day and made theses bags to put the flowers in. First off, let me say I am psyched that the flowers even grew. Secondly, look at that cute little drawing of one of my kiddos giving his mom the flower. AND he wrote, "I love my mom, today is Mother's Day. I am giving you a plant. I love you mommy." I hope my future-not-yet-conceived child loves me that much! Seriously can't get over it. :o)

Something else I just can't get over is how much I love teaching with tech - iPads to be exact. Last weekend, I was able to present at my district's first Ed Tech Conference - iEngage. I just did a poster session, but had some really great convos like with Christine at If You Give a Teacher an iPad

Obligatory dog picture warning. I know you all love my dogs as much as I do so you'll feel my pain here. Is this not the saddest picture ever? Murphy HATES the rain and when we pack and he got BOTH on moving day.  Poor guy just sat in the truck and got rained on as we moved. You will notice his sister is no where in sight. All she cared about was the empty house she could sprint around in.

Lastly, I am super pumped that I have 270 TpT followers (trying to make 500 by August). I know that's like nothing, but in January I had like 50. I am glad to know that the hard work is paying off and I should keep hustlin' to make this part of my dream come true. I am very thankful for all the kind bloggers I have come across and the opportunities that I have to grow in my career! 

So that's my week! I can't wait to share the butterfly updates next week!

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