Friday, May 22, 2015

Five for Friday 5/22

It's Five for Friday time again! This week has been busy as ever, and I am working hard to balance everything and maintain grounded in my purpose as a teacher. Love this job, but man does it overcome you sometimes! 

 I love this quote. Especially this week, when my kiddos are antsy, I am antsy (and feeling lazy), and I want to accomplish so much for them and with them before the end of the year. I have been having a hard time with a few of my lil friends because of issues outside of their control. This quote embodies what I wish they could remember forever - that they are loved and they should never stop exploring!

We have been working this week on making a piƱata project! And by "we" I mean all 60 kinders! Thanks to our bilingual teacher, Ms. Gelacio for the idea, supplies, and volunteering her sister and friend to help! 

Love this little girl who has come so far this year. Look at her researching the desert habitat and writing down what she learns. WHAT?! I am amazed that my kiddos can do this. And that they WANT to do it! I didn't even ask her to organize this way. #proudteacher #learnersfuellearning

We released our butterflies this week! The kiddos were amazed and so were we! 

Wine. Nails. Rice crispies. I need more of this in my life...that is all. 

Also - got my FREEBIE Friday act together and am offering my Getting Started on iPads pack to help any teachers new to iPads to get going on making tech work for your class!


Hope everyone had a great week and is closing off the school year with success!

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