Sunday, April 12, 2015

Instagram and FREEBIES!

What's better than cute pictures, free resources, and some solid teacher collaboration? Nothing, right? :o)

Great, then you're on board.

I am trying to organize a little Instagram link up with tech tip FREEBIES! I teach 1:1 technology and would love to collaborate with some other teachers who have been teaching with iPads or are looking to do so.

So let's link up on Instagram to share some resources!

Three cheers for Shanda at Little Teachers That Could who was the first to jump on the "tech tips" train with me!

We are looking for a few more teachers to link up their Instagram's with us. Here's how it works:

If you have a blog, post about a tech tip or trick you like to use in your classroom.  Link your post to a freebie in your TPT store or other free resource you use.

Then create a photo to post to Instagram of your tech activity/tip/trick. I will send you a button to put on your photo that will denote it as our link up.

On Thursday, I will send you some text that you can post with your Insta picture that will include your blog post link and a link to the others in the link up.

Friends should click the next link up after looking at yours, and continue on down the line. At the end, each person should have a bunch of free resources to use for teaching with tech. 

Any takers? Please e-mail me at to get involved! 

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