Thursday, April 16, 2015

Five for Friday - Instagram Tech Link Up

Helloooo there! Happy Friday all! I am super excited because I have been working all week on organizing a little Instagram link up and today is the day it goes out! Hooray!

Theses three sweet gals (Shanda, Andrea, and Marie have teamed up with me to provide a few tech tips and FREEBIES on Instagram. So head on over there, click my post, and click on through til you get each of our tips. I hope you gain some good resources from it and share some back with us!

 We are learning about the rainforest this week and today was parrots. After we read a non-fiction book on parrots, I projected this graphic organizer (grab it for FREE here) on the Smart Board and modeled how to fill it in.  Then the kids went off and worked on it (in Showbie) in their bubble spaces. As they worked, I walked around and read the book again to give them some ideas. I also posted words they would need to write next to the Smart Board (sorry no picture). After the kiddos filled our the organizer, they went on to step 2. Step 2 was to use the ideas to write 4 sentences on "things we know about parrots." I am AMAZED at what my kiddos came up with and the completion rate for my kids. Tomorrow we are going to continue to share with peers and next week we will publish digitally. Wowza. They are a pretty awesome bunch.

 Mmmm molten cookie... Is it bad that I have had this for dessert almost every night this week? Put a scoop of vanilla on top and it is sinful. #cookieaddict

Has anyone else seen this?! Thank you Google for making sure I don't look like a crazy who never attaches the attachments. Also kind of creepy....but I am for it! 

Last, obligatory dog picture. This week it's my two sleepy heads. I wish you could see how little room/blankets/comfort I have right now, but they are happy, so it's cool.

Also, HUGE thanks again to these ladies for helping me out and collaborating for my first tech link up on Instagram!

Shanda at The Little Teachers Who Could
Andrea at Always Kindergarten
Marie at Once Upon a Classroom

Lastly, my Friday Freebie  is the graphic organizer I used above! Check out some more Friday Freebies here:


  1. Hi, Kirstin!
    Thanks for the freebie! Your comment about the attachments cracked me up! Love the dog picture :)

    Made with Love

  2. Thanks for the shout, girl! The link up was fun! I hope others found our tech tips useful, too. That molten cookie looks AH-MAZ-ING!
    Always Kindergarten

  3. Showbie looks awesome, I have to check it out! Thanks for the tech tips. Is it bad your picture of the cookie made me want ice cream for breakfast?! Haha, thanks for sharing, have a great weekend. :)


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