Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday AND Friday FREEBIE!

Hello! Happy Friday! Time for Doodle Bugs Five for Friday and Friday Freebie through Teaching Blog Addict - and hey I am on time this week! :o)

Okay, I have been working on this jungle measurement pack all spring break and it is still. not. done. Argh. Anyways, I am giving away the reader that is in the pack for my Friday Freebie - Let me know what you think!

Hip Hooray for spring!! I was on spring break this week and I got to wear flip flops once. As you can see, I was accompanied by one of my favorite furry friends for this picture. They (all four today) are also LOVING being outdoors.


Speaking of...I couldn't resist. How cute is he? Fitz is our current couch surfer. He has an adoption first date this weekend and I am hoping it goes well so he can get to his forever home. If you have ever thought about fostering, I would highly suggest it - so rewarding!


Number four - Mom took me shopping yesterday (she's the bomb) and got me this super cute spring purse. It fits EVERYTHING. Which is excellent because I have a tendency to carry everything I don't need with me. 


Lastly, here is a sneak peak at my jungle measurement based unit that I can't complete. I am feeling like I need more in it, but am a little stuck. Any ideas for it? We are starting to learn about the jungle habitat next week and introducing measurement so I wanted to tie it all together. Suggestions welcome. In fact, suggestions are SO welcome that anyone who comments I will send you the pack when I am finished. 

So that's my week - back to school on Monday and hopefully rockin' and rollin' til the end of the year. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fitz is adorable and that purse is so so cute! Yay for your mom! I also worked all spring break on a product for TpT - I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Thanks Michelle! Don't you wish your ideas would just magically appear on paper?


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