Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Bunnies

Hellllooo spring break! Well, not yet. We've got four more days...but we WILL make it! :o) How? By having way to much fun this week and doing all things bunny related...

Here's a little preview of my center set-up for this week   ------------->

We've got plastic eggs for digraphs, blends, sight words, subtraction, word problems - you name it.  I actually think I bought all of the mini erasers in the dollar spot at Targea for this week, but I digress....

First up we have Sight Word Scramble - you can use this with or without the eggs. I just wrote the sight words on the egg, put a cut up version of the word inside and the copies to match.  Read the word, fix it, write it -  easy cheesy. 


Next a little blend egg spinning game. Each egg has a blend, spin it to make a word and record the word. We are working on "L" blends and "R" blends for now, so those are the ones I addressed.  Again, you don't need the eggs for this, its just a lil bonus for the kiddos. 


Digraphs are the same concept as the blends...there are also two options for these centers.  One is just writing the word, the other is writing the word and the sentence!

Here we have a little surprise! Sight words are written on the outside of the eggs and the mini erasers are inside.  So the littles write the word, open the egg, record the number of bunnies and carrots and write a number sentence.

I have no idea why, but my littles love mix and fix sentences. If I cut it up, they HAVE to put it back together. It's like the weirdest thing anyways here's a sentence builder for that. Use the sentence fluency strips in this pack. Cut them up, NUMBER the back - because, well you know why, and put the pieces in the egg. The kids organize the pieces and write the sentence. 

So those are all my ideas for a successful implementation may be a different thing - but that's the joy of teaching, now isn't it? ;o)

I have got some number sentences, subtraction and addition, and number bonds in there as well, but you may just want to go here for a preview.


  1. Your kiddos are going to be so excited for these activities! :-)


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