Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back at it!

Hi there!  Super excited to get back into business with my new blog design! HUGE shout out to Lindsey over at L Paull Designs for All for designing this super cute layout on a budget. I am THRILLED to have found her, she is immensely talented and super nice.

I transitioned districts earlier this year and wanted to make sure I had the hang of the new curriculum and my classroom so that I could devote more time to blogging when I was established.  Now that I am up and running, I can devote more time to exploring how to maximize my students potential and develop resources for them and our curriculum.

In our school, we do guided reading, Lucy Calkins, and Envisions for math. We incorporate themes into these curriculums, so you will find lots of thematic resources here.

Please take a look around, email me with questions or requests, and enjoy! I am excited to be back!


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