Sunday, March 29, 2015

Five for Friday #1

I need to get my Five for Friday's (oops I mean Sunday) back up and running. So here goes!

I started out my week listing our house for sale and adding some spring green to my planters. Desperately trying to channel spring here in Chicago!

Tuesday, we started a new calendar system on our iPads. The kids access a colored calendar in their Showbie app and work on it while some are finishing breakfast - credit goes to our bilingual teacher Lily Gelacio for that one.

Three is goes to our little foster dog here who we have had now for 3 weeks. He is a pup and giving me a run for my $$. A seriously cute run. He is to flippin adorable.

Is this not the sweetest informational writing ever? This little one always makes my heart so happy. She is the sweetest thing. It reads: How to Make Your Family Happy. 1. First, you get a paper. 2. Next, you draw a heart. 3. Then you tip toe to my mom. 4. Last, I give it to her. I love my mom. 

Friday afternoon was spend prepping for next week's centers. My little gal here wanted to try it as I was pulling things out.

So there it is! Next week I will be on time...I swear. :o)


  1. That informational writing is adorable! Found your blog on the Five for Friday party & now I'm your newest follower!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Thanks for stopping by Donna, I am heading over to your blog now! :o)


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