Thursday, March 26, 2015

Numbering bonding the K way

Today we continued exploring number bonds (FREEBIE here), which I like to introduce during our addition and subtraction units. Number bonds are a fun way to show your students how numbers are linked together in families, but it can be difficult to understand the connection when our little minds are transitioning from rote mathematic skill to application.

I struggled to find a way to make number bonds make sense for some of my kiddos - the mini-lesson and reteaching wasn't quite getting us to where we needed to be, so today we tried a new game.

BTW, anything labeled a "game" seems to make tasks more fun, right? :o)

Earlier this week, was drawing a number bond on the SmartBoard when one of my littles said it looked like a person, and bam. It hit me. Duh, they should be the "bonds" the kids kids should be acting it out. Gotta love teachable moments right?

So I put together a little guessing game to reteach (and activate) some of my little's minds who weren't quite there earlier this week.

The tallest little one in each group of 3 got to start being the "big circle." He or she held a few foam cubes in his/her hand and secretly divided it up into two groups.  She/he passed out the two group at the same time - just like the number bond "shoots" out two groups. Since the kids knew what the "big" number had to be the two "little circle" kids figured out what each other had.  Then they gave it back to the "big" and tried again. Everyone got a chance to be the big, so I knew we were hitting all areas of understanding.

I was amazed, surprised and SO proud how well my littles played this game! We TOTALLY got it!

Days like this remind me why I am in teaching - to enjoy the little moments and experiences that early learners give you. They see things that we as adults just do not. And I love the level at which they can explain and understand each in their individual way. It is seriously such a cool experience each day.

Ok. done. :o)

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