Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oo that tricky leprechaun!

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but every single year a leprechaun comes to my room on St. Patrick's Day, messes up my room, leaves green footprints, and tricks us into trying to get his pot of gold.

Video Cred: Leah O'Donnell (who rocks!)

So this year, after their special, the kids came in only to find the leprechaun left them a pot - not of gold - but with a letter in it.  Turns out we just started our persuasive writing unit and the leprechaun wanted us to write him letters persuading him to give us his gold.

So we did!

The kids really did do a great job and they ended up each getting a plastic gold coin to take home. One little lady also followed through on her promise to make him a little house and brought her project to school the next day. 

We also did this fun Pinterest craft and are working on a combination of these centers.

I usually use this event as a kick-start to leprechaun and Irish themed centers that we use the last two weeks of March.  I have a TON (legitimately WAY too many) of resources for March here.

What do you do in March? Anything you would like to do more in your class? Although I have way more March activities than I need, it's one of my favorite things to create for!

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  1. Such a fun experience! I just realized that I hadn't added the video of your class finding the pot outside the window. It's in the google folder now.

    Keep doing the amazing things you are doing!!!


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