Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What's a Chirbit?

I have been dreaming of an EASY way to link voice recording to QR codes for a LONG time. And finally, I have found it! Seriously Chirbit, where have you been hiding?

Chirbit allows you to create audio files right on your computer and seamlessly convert them into QR code or another output. 

Follow these few quick steps and your kids will be using the QRs in no time!

Inno time, you can have QRs that link to voice. Now my kiddos just scan the QR and can hear me read the number to them. We use these cards in centers, as flash cards, and for take home!

Chirbit is SUPER easy to use and kid friendly too! I just used it to create this fun center for tricky teen numbers. And why not for numbers 1-10 too?

If you want to learn more about how I use these centers, just scan the QR code in the lower left! 
How excited are you to use Chirbit in your own classroom?! Don't have iPads or tablets? Just save the link to a word document! I know my kids LOVE hearing my voice...even though I would object! I am sure the would love to hear yours too! 

Have fun learning!

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