Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday Once Again!

Happy Friday all! We only had a three day week this week, which totally threw me off!

I did better on taking pictures this week and we squeezed all our tech in so we could finally take the iPads home!! Whooty-whoo!

 That brings us to #1 - packing up the iPads! We have been working on iPad literacy (appropriate use, handling, icon meaning) for a bit now and the time has come for the kids to take their iPads home for extended practice and exploration! Each of the kiddos gets a case, bag, and charger, which we VERY carefully packed up this afternoon!

They get to choose to either get the case in their bags or wear the cases. I actually took these pictures and more so we could show our Cali-buddies how to do it!

 We were able to meet our 1st grade Cali buddies for the first time this week! Their teacher, Mrs. Battaglia and I connected a few months back on social media and we decided to give virtual pen pals a shot! We are going to make a tutorial movie on how to take iPads home in the next few weeks. EEE I love integrating tech!

Speaking of connecting on social media... we also got to Tweet one of our favorite book authors! We had been exchanging Tweets for a few days and Mrs. Rosen Schwartz (The Three Ninja Pigs) ending up sending our classroom some ninja pig stickers and book marks! 

 Our kiddos were excited to get to "chat" with a real live author! It gave us some wind in our sails during writing this week.

We LOVE to read! Look at these two little cuties curled up with a good book. I love that the girls could sit there and read with their own books peacefully. I wish I was sitting there read a book with them too - it looks so natural!


Last these week is the most serene picture from last weekend...can I just blow this up please and plaster it on my classroom wall? Gooooood bye dull walls! Seriously though...I am really thinking of going for it. 

How was your week? Any fun tech projects to share? 


  1. Your blog is so cute!! I love that your students can take their iPads home. That is awesome that they can continue their learning at home in a way that they are probably genuinely excited about! Have a great weekend.

    Sara J Creations

    1. Thanks Sara!! I am a big fan of you and your products! Thank you for stopping by!

      I love that the kids are able to extend and explore at home and on the weekends. They always have access to educational material and I truly think it makes a difference in their abilities!

      You have a great weekend as well! :o)

  2. How amazing that you have technology for all of your students, AND your kiddos can take them home! I love that you were able to tweet with an author. What a great way to get the kids engaged. Thanks for sharing your (short!) week!
    Always Kindergarten

    1. Isn't it? It really is a gift! We are so grateful! Enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  3. I love how much you include your kiddos in everything you do! The pen pal thing sounds fabulous! Love that the kiddos get to take their iPads home too! That last picture looks pure bliss! Maybe put it in your book corner! It's definitely relaxing enough :)

    Teaching Autism

    1. Thank you! They are the reason for everything I do - student centered is how it should be!

      Great idea for my reading corner! I think I will do that, thanks!! :o)


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