Saturday, May 25, 2013

So some of you know what I like to do in my none-so-spare-time, play with our doggies.  Well, recently we started fostering dogs as well from Chicago Pit Stop Rescue. These are all dogs that come from Chicago Animal Control and are at risk of being put down.

We have fostered two babies already...

Sneakers - Adopted!


Slingshot - Adopted!

We now have an adorable little girl - Dora.  She was returned to CPSR after a year of living in a home with children and is now with us.  Dora is SUCH a sweetie and very special because she only has three legs. She'll need a lot of help getting around and a dedicated owner. We love we so much and hope she can find her forever family! 

Here's all the swag she came to us with - spoiled with stuff!

Oh and she is an EXCELLENT cuddler!

Call me crazy - but I love this!

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