Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ahh It's a Bug!!!

It's now officially one of the most fun times of the year - bug centers! The kids have a love/hate relationship with bugs.  They hate the ones that are alive, and love the fake ones! It is also REAL cute that when we start talking about bugs and the jobs they have in the environment, that some of the little ones want to save all the bugs they see and some still want to squash them. This become a super-battle and if you squash a bug, whaa whaa, you are "mean." Whiiiiccch creates a whole 'nother problem....but I digress.

So...Bug Centers...I am using Growing Kinders "Going Buggy" Unit with some additional pieces of my own. Her unit is awesome!

This sweetie is practicing "counting on." There are two bugs in that little magnifying glass on the right and number 7. So he has to count 7+ (2 bugs)...7, 8, 9. We practiced doing this before using blocks and our fingers. 

These lil ladies are taking number cards (ex. 13) and writing that number and the next two numbers in sequence. 13, 14, 15. 

Here, we are counting by ten frames to count numbers over 19. AWESOME! :o)

Now it's time for BUG HUUUUNNNT! This is basically write the room with bug vocabulary. This is our #1 favorite activity. It is leveled as well for differing needs.

And last, we are sequencing sentences.  The kids have to match mix-matched sentences, put them in order and write them down.  This was one of the more difficult centers, as our creative minds just wanted to use the cards to create our own sentences. Which, of course, is fine as well! :o)

Hope you enjoy! Do you have a bug unit? Link it up! :o)

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