Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well, it worked. Our class has been doing everything we can think of to get it to snow.  We have written about snow, we have drawn snow, and yesterday, we had a snow ball fight!!

And then it snowed outside!

How did we have a snowball fight before it was snowing? Let. me. tell. you.

It was a sight word snowball fight.  The kids each got 5 pieces of white paper and a marker.  Then I went around whispering "secret" sight words to each child. After the words were written and they checked their spelling on the word wall, I checked for spelling. Then we crumpled! We crumpled each paper and got ready for the sight word snowball fight. Girls on one side, boys on the other (only because this was a visible and quick way to sort the kids). After a review of the rules - the snowballs flew! The kids got to throw one, then read one to me.  At the end, each child picked 5 snowballs to bring to his/her seat and read.


They got back up and had a snowball fight against me! We repeated the ending part, and each child read more words. It was a fun, quick way for the kids to practice their sight words.

Thanks to Katie Mense from Little Warriors for the idea: Snowball Fight! She had some great response sheets to go along with it, but I thought that we would run a practice round first!

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