Friday, January 4, 2013

Better late than never?

I wanted to post some pictures from our holiday party, but this two-week break has gotten away from me!!

We created gingerbread houses at the party to wrap up our gingerbread man/woman unit.  On Wednesday we mixed, baked, and hunted for the gingerbread man who has escaped from the oven!! We found him though, thank goodness, and then we tasted him!! Yum! The kids really enjoyed making these houses, and it was nice to spend some quality fun time with each child! :o)

When we weren't decorating the gingerbread houses, we were playing stuff the stocking (with marshmallows - which I forgot to remind the kids NOT to eat until it was attempted, oops!), we made some wreath crafts, and decorated stockings! It was a blast - we were wild and fun ( and safe :o) ).

The last photo came in the days before the party - it was Speedy's little reminder to the class to help us get through the last few days before the excitement of the season took over!  Speedy was fun to have - but we won't see him anymore until next year in our room!

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