Monday, March 21, 2016

Egg Hunt! Plastic Eggs and Spring activities for days!

So I may have gone a little bit overboard with the plastic eggs. 

We're doing plastic egg activities for l blends, digraphs, and r blends with vowel combos in  most of the words.

Super simple for the kiddos - spin, read, record, tell a friend. 

All they have to do is match the blend to the spot on the recording sheet and read or chop out the word. Seriously so funny how you put super hard words on plastic eggs and its like the most fun thing ever!

We're also doing number bond eggs.  I wrote the number bond on the plastic egg and the missing number is number of erasers inside the egg.  Thank you Target Dollar Spot!

The kiddos love dot math - subitizing - so we'e working with this little review sheet in one of my small groups.  Match the numeral to the dot number. Yes, love it!

Add those dollar spot erasers to anything and the kids love it. I give them away at the end of the unit, and it's like Christmas!

There are about a million other things to do in my Spring Bunny Literacy and Math centers, with plastic eggs and without. The pack addresses all the benchmarks that kinders should be at in this part of the school year.  Differentiate for your needs or use with first graders too!

What are you doing with your plastic eggs?!

Have fun!

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