Sunday, December 6, 2015

Too Many Tamales! FREEBIE inside!

For the past two weeks we have been trying something new in our kinder classes - using one anchor text per week to develop our fine motor, math, writing, and reading activities around. This week it was Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto!

We started on Monday by taste testing tamales!! Then we graph who likes/does not like tamales. Next, we read the text, introducing the mini lesson - character expression and setting this week. We also introduce the multi-step writing, which we work on each day during the week.

Tuesday we re-read and introduce the close read - WE ARE READERS! The kids color the close read and put it in their binders. The kiddos use their magic pointer fingers to read every. single. word. And we do it again and again independently, then with partners.  This becomes a daily practice until Friday. Of course, the kids can read it anytime they get into a bubble spot for read to self.

On Wednesday we re-read the text again. It was also day 3 of the multi-step writing, so we took some time going back, editing our last 2 days work, and brainstorming the next two steps again.

Thursday was just a re-read and writing day.

Then Friday, we culminated the experience with a REAL LIVE TAMALE project! The kids read their writing to each other to get really own the steps for tamale making. We used the kiddos writing as our tamale-making directions!

Heres what you need for no-cook, fine motor tamales:
-1/4 canister of yellow playdoh for each child
-cut up green pipe cleaners for chiles
-wax paper for corn husks
-tape to close it


We had boat loads of fun working with our Too Many Tamales all week!! Our bilingual teacher Ms. Gelacio planned most of this unit on the heels of the pervious week's Thanksgiving focus - she is amazing!! She has so many good ideas and is always challenging us to think of new culturally inclusive ideas!

As a team, we are really loving our little week long theme units.  It allows us to incorporate all the literacy themes we need to hit, while giving us opportunities to work on fine motor, social learning, science, and developmentally appropriate skills/topics.  It's a nice way to wrap everything up into a neat little package. :o)

Does anyone else do a tamale unit? What else can we add for next year?
Here are the links to our FREE close read and writing!

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