Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dental Health

During the last week of February, we celebrated Dental Health Month! We were also learning about number bonds, so we incorporated that into some tooth math.

First, we all got a cup of marshmallows (teeth). We got to pick how many teeth we wanted to have in our mouth.  

Next,  we put some on the right, and some on the left (or like this lil dude, some on the top and soem on the bottom.)

Then it was time to create our math problems. We took the numbers we had and chose one of three things. 1. Make a number bond
2. Make a number sentence
3. Make a ten frame sentence

Some of us chose all three!

And some of us we not ready, so we just counted the numbers and wrote them down. 

All of our class did a fabulous job, at his or her own ability level! Whahoo! :o)

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