Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Fun

Be boop! Halloween was tons on fun in the K wing. Our team dressed up as minions, which all the kids got a huge kick out of! 

We had a parade around the school and gym, then went back to class for party centers and snacks.

Here's bingo and pin the heart on the skeleton.

Then, we also had bowling, pumpkin (bozo buckets), and a foam craft.

Rewind to Wednesday, when we carved our HUGE pumpkin  to get ready for Halloween. I cut a large whole/mouth for the kids to scoop out the seeds and "guts."  They all picked one seed to wash and take home.  We put the pumpkin out in the hall for all to see!

This week, we will use this jump start activity to finish our pumpkin unit and growth cycle crafts. Goodbye October - Hello November!

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