Friday, October 25, 2013

Dogs again :o)

First off -its fall. And I LOVE fall. But before long the leave will be gone and we will be stuck in Chicago winter again. And you know what you need to keep you warm? 

This girl! And she needs you! All she wants to do is cuddle and relax on a nice warm couch or doggie bed with you. 

 Her name is Lacy and she is our foster dog through Chicago Pit Stop Rescue. Her life was saved when she was taken out of Chicago Animal Control a few months ago and joined us - eagerly awaiting her forever home.

She is a gentle, cuddly girl who loves a walk and a good toy to play with.  She won't ruin anything that isn't hers, doesn't bark, and plays well with others! She is just perfect and I am going to have a hard time giving her up, but she deserves the best!

Where is my forever family?

If you are interested in making Lacy a permanent part of your life, please contact me or fill out an application at Chicago Pit Stop Rescue.

...Now back to your regularly scheduled kindergarten programming :o) .....

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