Sunday, September 23, 2012

I also wanted to show you the letter books that our Kindergarten classes complete.  My team put together these books to provide the students with a multi-purpose alphabet book that they can keep for practice!

 This student is practicing writing the letter "Nn" using a dotted line "N" then independent practice.  If you can see that blue and red "Nn" picture on the bottom - that is what he colored.  He had to find the lowercase "n" letters to color blue and the uppercase "N" red. Nice work!

This lil lady is working on her picture of something that begins with "Nn" first.  She drew a "nut" and then wrote "nut" underneath!! So proud!

See that lowercase bold "n" on the bottom? When the students are finished drawing and writing, the trace those large letters with glue. When the glue dries, it becomes tactile practice! Whoo! :o)

We complete a letter page for each letter we learn.  We learn the letters in Jolly Phonics order, not alphabetic, so the alphabetic order of the books helps the children learn that order as well.  Its also a letter hunt to find the page we need to work on - they love it!

Anyone else do letter practice like this? I would love to hear some other ideas!

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