Monday, February 20, 2012

Red Snack Bag

Ok, I swear by the red snack bag. We have snack everyday in our class and a student brings a healthy snack for his/her 26 classmates. I have had this obnoxious, huge, red, bag go home with the students for two whole years and I am still usign the same one!! The bag is from IKEA and is seriously, HUGE! Whoever has snack the next day takes the bag home at night and fills it. Even if the students do not come back with it full, they still bring it back!

Now, of course, since I am singing about this, I am sure it will get lost in the next week. But, oh well, its lasted for 2 years!

Thank you, parents, for working with the snack bag! You rock!
And if you're a teacher in a similar situation, you need a snack bag, like a thneed. (Dr. Seuss)


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